Why Your Health Is Important This Year

You hear being said everywhere around the new year. “My goal is to lose 20 pounds” or “Im going to start a new workout routine” or “Im going to start a new diet this year”. And yes while these goals are great intentions and ambitions to start with oftentimes however we go back to old patterns that hold us back in our lives. Our intentions show us we can start well and have creative ideas. But our habits and patterns are the places in our subconscious mind that we have lived with our whole life. These holding patterns are not just going to go away in an instant!

One thing that I have found very helpful is having someone to hold you accountable. When you feel yourself slipping back into old holding patterns and beliefs, you need a trusted friend or coach who will push you to get back on the right track. We are not meant to do this life without each other. Life alone is never fun and is draining and hard. Then why do we think the same way with our goals. We are stronger together. Think about who you might want to connect with and share your goals with this year!

Your health is important. Without it its hard to anything in life whether it be your job, connecting with your family, or even going just “having fun”. When we are in pain and limited in our life physically. It can drain us and prevent us from living the life we have always dreamed to have. Look at where are you struggling with your health. Whether its emotionally, diet, sleep, exercise, or lifestyle, see where most of your improvement can be made. Go after that goal solid for the next month or two and check back in. If you feel stronger in this area go on to your next goal. When we have to many goals at once it makes it difficult to move forward!

Check out the video below for 6 tips to stay on track with your health goals this year. You can do it!