What to prepare for when beginning your health journey

Wanting to start your health journey today? I know many people who struggle with their health and it can be very difficult to overcome these challenges. Whether its chronic discomfort you have felt for many years or just something that has been recently been brought on understanding your body and how it works can help one on the road to recovery and vitality!

Understanding Trapped Emotions:

Trapped emotions in the body are one of the most common causes of physical imbalance within the body. Everyday we are faced with challenges at work, family, and just life in general. As we go through life we also experience many different emotions. These emotions are often felt and processed throughout the body. If they are not however, they can become stuck in the body since they are not processed. These emotions overtime lead to our emotional baggage and heaviness we feel throughout our day. They can drain us and cause us to be tired. They can even cause tension in our muscles and body. Learning how to release these trapped emotions can be a huge benefit to someone looking to enter great health.

Want to learn how to get trapped emotions released? Check out https://www.mydivinealignment.com/ where you can get these negative trapped emotions released and get the help you need for daily chronic stress. Doctors have done much research on this and many health articles report that stress contributes to 80% peoples pain and discomforts. I believe as a society we must start taking our emotions seriously. We must grow in our emotional intelligence so we can process through these barriers that are holding us back

Thanks to the work of Dr Bradley Nelson, and the emotion code we can receive the help we all deserve. Whether its an emotion of shame, fear, pride, unworthy, anxiety, or anger you can get the help you deserve. Continue to grow and learn more about how trapped emotions can affect the body.

Check out the video below to learn even more about beginning your health journey!